Sunday, August 31, 2008

Scariest Drive Ever!

Hi Everybody! I'm in Flagstaff! It was one crazy drive. Tucson-Phoenix was fine, and the first 20 miles or so out of Phoenix were great... until we hit crawling traffic, due to a 3-car pile-up in the middle of nowhere. Once we got past that, we were having a great time, cruising through beautiful country and jamming to Corvus Corax, and then the rain started. Pouring rain, so heavy we could barely see the highway. The guy ahead of us didn't bother to put on his lights, and there was no center line. UGH!

But we're here, and let me tell you, Flagstaff is beautiful! It's so green, with beautiful trees and grass. I love it here. I want to come back sometime and go hiking.

Tomorrow, I'll have dogs :)


  1. Sorry the trip was so bad, but I'm glad Flagstaff is nice. And doggies!

  2. Today's trip was smooth sailing, so that almost made up for it!

  3. Ha ha, I am signed in as Chris! What I get for using his laptop.


  4. Well, I wondered!

  5. Chris uses gmail, and he didn't log out when he did his e-mail before I did my blog. I didn't realize that would count as him being signed into Blogger, too!