Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good News, Bad News

Good News: while eating dinner tonight, I figured out how my book is going to end, and it's much better than the vague idea I had before.

Bad News: I was not successful in finding a dog to adopt today.

And that about sums up my Sunday! Check back tomorrow for new jewelry.


  1. Finalizing an ending to the book is awesome news! Nothing like knowing where you're going, right? Sorry you haven't found THE dog, yet. But keep looking, the right one is out there and he/she will capture your heart :)

  2. The problem is that my heart kept getting captured by kittens! There were lots and lots of them, so many that the Humane Society had two extra cat enclosures out in their lobby, in addition to the cat room. I guess it must be kitten season.

  3. It's certainly fledgling season! You'll find the right dog, it might just take a while. Me, I'd be trying to figure out how I could afford a house full of cats.

  4. When you find the dog that's yours, you'll know. I've been considering getting my dog a kitten...I don't know if she'll appreciate the gift, heehe.

  5. LOL, Marilee. I could afford quite a few more cats, but Lira would never forgive me! She's such a cranky old lady.

    Kelly (it is Kelly, right?), it seems to me like dogs usually like cats more than cats like dogs. Except maybe my parents' late dog Caleb. The cats used to torment him when he was a puppy, and when he grew up it took him years to realize that he was bigger than them and didn't have to be scared anymore! He wouldn't walk within reach of their paws, so they'd sit right by the doorway when he wanted to go by. They were so mean to him.