Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Playing with beads

I was sitting here working on a new rivoli pendant that would match my goggles (lagoon and emerald rivolis with brassy, bronzey Delicas and seed beads), but it's just not coming together. I feel like maybe I'd rather do a simple stringing project right now.

I need to get some more furniture for my beadroom. Everything's too piled up, which makes it hard to get to anything, which makes it hard to get inspired. It's also pretty dusty in there, which is a definite downside to having a screened-in porch as my beadroom. I'm going to have to spend a lot of time dusting. Hopefully once I get better blinds up (that is to say, ones that haven't collapsed under their own weight), that will help keep some of the dirt out.

Not much else to report on. I'm suffering from a serious case of the afternoon drowsies and can't think of a single thing to write.

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  1. I had the phone ring at 10:30am and I was turned the other way and in the process of getting the phone from the bookcase headboard, I knocked the alarm clock off. And then it was one of those scam calls! The clock must have hit the battery release because the cover and batteries were on the floor and by the time I got them back in and the clock set again, I decided to just get up.

    I see a nap in my future, but I want to go to bed early enough to get up at 11:30am because I have a mammogram at the other end of the county at 2pm.