Thursday, August 28, 2008

A focal that I love.

I think this precious mermaid is the last boxwood carving I had that I hadn't used yet. Unfortunately, I've yet to find a seller at the Tucson shows who has the combination of selection/price/quality that I got at the Whole Bead Show in New York City. These were just the prettiest, smoothest, most unique boxwood pieces, and I've used all of them up now.

This mermaid is part of today's Daily Design Challenge piece, Napping Treasure Hunter. She's what I started yesterday and couldn't finish in time. I had to put another 2-3 hours into her today. All of that knotting is tedious! But I like how it looks. I tried stringing the beads on Beadalon, with seed beads between, and it just wasn't working.

Now I have more work ahead of me. To make the necklace, I went through my beads, found a ton of things that I thought would go well with the color scheme I had planned, and dumped them into the largest section of my beaded stringing tray, swirling them around to see how they looked together. Now I have a jumble of leftover beads to sort out and put away.


  1. That carving is amazing. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

  2. Sometimes you have to make a mess to get the design just right. :)

    Sara Hardin

  3. Christina, click on the link to Napping Treasure Hunter and you'll find the finished piece.

    AJ, the carving really is great! And the fish beads in the necklace really make it!

  4. Thank you all :)

    Sara, it's fun to occasionally make a mess! It's like being a 5 year old all over again.

    Marilee, I'm glad I remembered that I had the fish. They were the last thing I added to the mix, and I do think they really draw it all together, which is why I used more of them than any other bead.