Friday, August 01, 2008

Comic Con Articles

Nothing says Comic Con quite like posing with a random guy just because you like his costume! Actually, this guy was pretty cool. I saw him from behind and I could tell that he had a great outfit going on. When he turned around, I caught his eye and he walked over to me, saying something along the lines of "I recognize the fair folk." So when I asked to take his picture, he offered to pose with me and have Chris take it.

I'm not sure if he meant to be Robin Hood or just an English-style archer, but he looked great. The vest and armor are leather, and I'm pretty sure his bow was functional. This was just one of the many great costumes I saw at the convention. I hope to get all of my pictures up into a Flickr album soon. In the meantime, if you want a full shot of my faerie costume, check out my new profile picture.

If you've been waiting for more details on my Comic Con adventure, today is your lucky day! The new issue of Collector Times went up last night, and I have four convention-related articles:
Gaming at the convention
A review of The Mutant Chronicles
Steampunk at the Convention
Webcomics at the Convention

Ok, that should keep you busy while I run off and bead!


  1. Oh, the wings really are great! And he definitely has a good costume, too.

  2. We need a bigger version of your profile picture. I'm getting eyestrain!


    Or you can go to the main page of Collector Times and see the one that Paul took with his nice camera :)

    (stupid blogger, shrinking my image)

  4. Did you notice that the comment at CT says it's a "fairly" costume? I think someone needs a typo fixed!

    My friend Miriam Beetle from Making Light is a comic artist and her birthday happened at Comic Con and her husband secretly got a sketchbook full of sketches for her birthday.

    And I just bought a winged trilobite pin, too! Online, with the newest printed version of GG. Not here yet, although my new reading glasses are.

  5. That's a great sketchbook and a really awesome idea for a present! I recognize a lot of the artists in there, either from already being familiar with their work or from seeing them at the convention. I even have a little ATC-sized robot sketch that I bought from one of them for $2.

    What comic does Miriam do? I don't think I picked hers up when I was there, but Dad might have. He bought a *lot* of small press and indie books to review.

  6. She does graphic novels (under her maiden name, Libicki) about her stint in the Israeli army. She does t-shirts and illos, too, and they all tend to be Jewish- and war-related.