Monday, August 18, 2008

Daily Design Challenge, Day 1!

The Daily Design Challenge got a slow start today. I overslept (stayed up too late writing again!), quickly developed a headache, and hadn't set up a photography space over the weekend. But I let none of that stand in my way. And so I present to you the very first item for the challenge: Unseelie Lover.

These earrings feature some pretty porcelain hearts by Earthenwood Studio. I just love designing with Melanie's beads. Whether I want to make Gothic, Faerie, or Steampunk jewelry, she has all my bases covered. I accented the hearts with some vintage glass and those new-ish red coral Swarovski crystals.

I'm not thrilled with the photos. I'll do them differently tomorrow. I'm once again using my dining room table as a photo studio, which isn't ideal. I might try setting up in the guest room soon, I'll just get a card table to set up in there. That will at least work until such a time as we furnish the guest room (currently the only furniture is a single bookcase!), at which point I'll probably have another suitable space picked out.


  1. Thank you, Marilee! I think so, too. They'd go really well with some of the Gothic Lolita clothes I've seen on-line.

  2. Oooh, good job! Love those hearts! And hey, the photo's not shabby at all - better than I can do :)

  3. Thanks, Charlene!

    The earrings already sold, actually :D My heart-loving MIL saw them! I think that's a record sale for me -- although Marilee was pretty fast on buying Princess of Atlantis last year.

  4. Yep, wore it the other day to see Luke.