Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spooky, angry treasuries

Must be something in the air. I made this Halloween-themed treasury (in July!), and Mermie made an angry treasury called Grrrrrrr... (I'm not actually going to count and make sure I got the number of 'r's right). No sweet, pretty, airy-fairy treasuries here!

By the way, I suspect it will be a while until I'm back to a normal blogging schedule here. I'm currently a little over-committed, due to a bunch of things converging at once and my own inability to say "no" to most requests that involve my talents and sound like fun.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm back on my Treasury Tuesday game! Last week was weird, as you may have noticed from the lack of posts, but yesterday I was back to normal and I curated this collection of dance-themed art and adornments from FAETeam!

I also had the pleasure to be included in one of Mermaiden's beautiful treasuries. Turning Away from Summer is a wistful collection, dreaming of crisp Autumn days. Ahhhh.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tribal Earrings

Whoops! I was unexpectedly away from the computer almost all day today. Please enjoy this photo of the earrings that I made for myself as part of the Muffin Tin Challenge! If only they weren't too heavy for my wussy ears.

Friday, July 08, 2011

So many exciting things!

I have finally added hairsticks to my jewelry line! There's just one catch... For now, my new line of hair accessories is only available at Plaza de Anaya in Tempe, Arizona. They'll be a Plaza exclusive until at least mid-August, when I'll evaluate how well they're selling and such. I'm really excited about them. I do also have some earrings at Plaza and I'm hoping to add a necklace or two when I get the chance to make some.

So if you've been wondering why I haven't been listing much on Etsy, it's because I was busy making things for Plaza and then making tags for them. I've also been working on my LL-BFAC project, so I'll be posting some progress pictures next week. I'm doing bead embroidery again this year, which makes me very happy.

In other fun and exciting news, I wrote a guest post about The Nuckelavee for my friend Janine's blog, Athena's Armory & Apothecary. It was so fun to step out of my normal business mode and write about one of my favorite subjects, faerie lore! By the way, when you're done reading the blog, make sure you also visit Janine's store, she does great work. I bought an awesome set of chainmaille juggling balls from her as a gift for my Dad!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Time for Treasuries

I'm so glad that Mermaiden is back from vacation, because she makes the best treasuries! My purple earrings feel a little unworthy of being in such a stunning collection. But I did try my hand at making something almost as beautiful. I call it Stop and Stare because the items and photos of items are just spellbinding.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hello and Good-Bye!

Whatever Faeries Think About sold before I could link to it in this blog! The Greenman earrings also sold, to the same person. It feels like some things are flying off of my virtual shelves almost as fast as I make them! I have to say, that's a nice feeling :)

Friday, July 01, 2011

Greenman Earrings

I'm always looking to add to the variety of faeries, creatures, and mythological figures in my jewelry. I bought these Greenman charms from Earthenwood Studios some time ago and finally got around to turning them into a pair of earrings, and thus this leafy guardian spirit joins my cast of characters! The Greenman Earrings are available in my Etsy shop.

Are there any fantasy creatures that you'd like to see available in my shop that aren't already there? I do plan to make a new Medusa necklace, since I sold the two I already had. I'd love to get my hands on a Naga focal, too, maybe a centaur, maybe another weird Garuda/tengu (I'm wearing mine right now!). How about a Kitsune? Or maybe a Griffin, I can't believe I've never done that before. And since the Sphinx bracelet sold, I should probably make something with the vintage glass Sphinx cab that I have hidden in my stash. Hmmm...