Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm going to be a dog owner!

Topher says: "Dogs?!? I didn't agree to share my house with any dogs!"

Yes, I can finally share my news! Chris and I will be adopting not just one corgi, but two 18 month old corgi sisters! I've spent all week in e-mail discussions with the rescue organization, which is based out of TX and NM. Today, through the power of the Internet, we gave them a video tour of our house, which was the last thing they needed to be certain that we're an ideal home.

Our girls are currently named Maggie and Daisey, but I'll probably be changing their names -- I'm not a big fan of people names for pets (Ok, yes, there is an actor named Topher Grace, but that's not where The Toph gets his name!). Of course everyone who hears that I'm getting a corgi -- including Chris -- suggests that I should name it Ein, after the one in Cowboy Bebop, but that's not happening! So stop saying it, people! ;)

We'll probably make the roadtrip to bring them home next weekend. I'm so excited!


  1. Oh boy, not one but two! Poor Topher..are we prepared for kitty shock! LOL What wonderful news. Looking forward to hearing/reading the adventures you're about to have :)

  2. Of my two cats, I think Topher will actually take it much better than Lira. He's laid-back and seems to want a playmate (Lira won't play with him, and my hand just isn't as much fun to wrestle with). But the picture was too perfect not to post for this subject ;)

  3. Oh boy, you get the dogs! You know, the Netflix envelope says Ein is smart, but other than the pushing buttons the first time we see him, he acts just like a dog.

  4. Guess he does all of the other smart stuff off-screen? Or he's smart enough to sit around doing nothing and get a free ride on the ship? ;)

    My brother has switched tactics and now wants me to name one Radical Edward. He can get his own darn corgi!