Thursday, August 21, 2008

My labors were very fruitful.

I just had a very productive afternoon. Not only did I make the above necklace and earring set for the Daily Design Challenge, but I also made Denise's contest prize earrings and repaired two things for my mother-in-law. All that, plus photography, Etsy listing, and putting away the leftover beads. Woohoo!

The set is called In The Dragon Nest, and if you click on the name, you can see the Etsy listing, with some more fun photographs. The best photo of the day however, was one I took of Denise's earrings, using macro mode and turning off auto-flash. I'll post it on Saturday.

I still have a lot to get done today. The housework has piled up a bit while I've been off in beady land. And I need to pick out my next major beadweaving project, since The Mantra is finished. I'm thinking maybe something with an embroidered cabochon, since Locked Away was so much fun.


  1. Hmph! You have cobalt bicones and I ordered some last week and they're not here yet! The capri I'd picked out for the second livelongnmarry necklace just didn't go, so I took those out, ordered cobalt, and started the other side. Beki and Sandi were both out of the cobalt and Betcey is away, so I ordered from ArtBeads. I hope they show up soon.

    Oh, and the dragon hatching with the eggs is very cool!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad that I found the vintage eggy beads, they really pulled the whole idea together.

    I buy my bicones by the gross every Feb, sometimes stocking up on a few more at the show in Sept.

  3. Oh, I usually get two gross (or two hundred, depending on who I buy from), but I haven't had cobalt before. I was planning on using only stuff I had for the livelongnmarry necklaces, and I probably could have gotten away with the capri, but I don't want to do that. So I ordered cobalt.

  4. Cobalt is a color that I always have, because it sells pretty well, and it matches a lot of lampworked beads. Plus I just like it!