Friday, April 27, 2012

Coleoptera Collection Conquers California

 I just handed these three pendants off to Margaret of MZ Glass so she can take them with her to LA. I'm pretty happy with all of them! I got a little bored of just using seed beads, so I threw some Swarovski crystal rhinestones in for extra sparkle. I wonder if any of them will find a new home in California?
A slightly different angle. Each one has a different bail and edging style, depending on what I thought would look best with the embroidery, and what I was in the mood to do.

Check back next week for more new beadwork!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Get your bids in!

My 2012 Layne's Legacy -- Beading For A Cure necklace "Orientale" is finally up for bids! Click here to visit the listing and possibly place a bid. As of the time that I'm writing the post, the current bid doesn't even really cover the cost of the LL-BFAC kit, Sandy Spivey cab, extra crystals and Green Girl shibiuchi clasp, not to mention the hours of time I spent embroidering and weaving beads. I'd really love for this necklace to raise a substantial donation for LL-BFAC. Remember, all of our proceeds go to the National Colorectal Cancer Research Association, in memory of my late friend Layne Shilling.

If Orientale isn't your thing, or it's out of your budget by the time you click the link, or even better, you'd like to buy multiple items, make sure to check out the rest of this week's auctions!