Monday, September 01, 2008

I've got corgis!

I have two corgis, and they are beyond cute! I'm in love! Chris adores them, too. While I was sitting here doing my e-mail, he had both in his lap :)

Crazy long day today, I've been up since before 6am. No Etsy update today, but hey, it's a holiday. Hopefully I'll have the energy to list an item tomorrow after our 8.5 hour drive.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the girls and share our fun on Route 66 -- and it was real fun, not the sarcastic "oh great, it's pouring rain again" sort of fun.

Meanwhile, I'm off to enjoy my doggies :D


  1. Pictures please! LOL Okay, after you get home, rest from the drive, post a new design to Etsy, etc. Then pictures please of the corgis! :)

  2. Yeah, .jpg! .jpg!

    Plus, what happens when you bring them inside and the cats see them!

  3. I took pictures in the hotel, but they didn't turn out very well! The girls really don't hold still much, except when they're asleep.