Friday, August 29, 2008

A different kind of flight

We started the week off with a butterfly, and we end it with a propeller! The funny thing was, I was going to make this week's theme "nature" (yeah, mermaids aren't natural, but fish are, and there were a lot of natural materials in that necklace), but then I went into the beadroom today and realized that I wanted to make something steampunk. The result is Aviatrix!

I had fun picking out the beads. Black was easy -- I've got lots and lots of black -- but the white was trickier. The porcelain white of the focals (by Earthenwood Studios, naturally!) has an earthier, almost dirty quality to it. White glass doesn't go, white pearls don't go, off-white really doesn't go... but these weird dim vintage clean glass beads do. And the square ones echo the shape of the focal, which is a nice bonus! I rarely buy clear beads, and I rarely buy square beads, so I think the only reason that I bought these particular beads is because they were vintage and cheap, two of my favorite things. I may have even picked them up at the same show as the mermaid focal from yesterday's post.

Tonight my friend Helen is coming over for dinner, and I want to bake cookies for dessert, so I'd better get off this computer and into the kitchen.


  1. Now, if the propeller would go around....

  2. That would be neat!

    Hmmm... I wonder if I could get some sort of brass propeller from a hobby shop? I believe some shopping is in order!