Monday, August 04, 2008

I'm a nerd... a nerd with goggles!

Every now and then, you just have to do something silly, like take a picture of yourself wearing goggles.

Actually, this is a terrible picture of me, so I don't know why I'm posting it. I suppose it does serve as a good illustration of how/why I am frequently mistaken for a teenager.

Anyway, that is me wearing the awesome goggles that I purchased at Comic Con from Brute Force Leather/Fallen Angel Fashions. They were my big splurge for the convention. Oh sure, I bought plenty of other things, but nothing that big/fancy/amazing. They're made of dark green leather and lots of brass, with interchangeable lenses -- I got a pair of green (as seen) and a pair of dark blue. The coolest part is that the straps are attached to the sides using brass hardware hinges.

If I'm going to actually wear them on my eyes, then I need to see if I can shorten the nose piece a tiny bit... But otherwise they look pretty nice perched on my head, or around my neck, and I'm sure they'd look great on a hat, if I were so inclined.

Not much to report today. I had some fun this afternoon hanging up more art. I need to go out and buy frames for all of my prints. Then by the time I get them all up on the walls, it will probably be time to take them down to paint the living room.

(Edited to provide proper link)


  1. What fun! I had a pic of me wearing 'redneck teeth' but my hubby stole it to give to friends for their photo album :) Nerds are cool! Glad you're doing well, settling in and having fun :)

  2. Cool goggles! You do need a slightly shorter bridge to get them on your eyes -- they're built for a slightly larger head than yours.

  3. *sigh* I don't need redneck teeth, I have them naturally! Stupid ugly teeth.

    I have a feeling the goggles were built for a big man head instead of my little girly head. I really like them better on top of my head, though. They really limit peripheral vision when worn at the eyes!

  4. Aw, sweetie, you don't have redneck teeth. Trust me on this one! Wish I had that pic. Anyway, your goggles made me think of all the nerdy things hubby and I do, and the fav among our friends is the wearing of the teeth, second fav is the alien costumes and accessories we occasionally wear to a dinner party :)

    Your goggles are fabulous - hey, do they open to the sides, too?

    I bet they look great on top of the head, too.

  5. The link didn't work! I so want to see their other stuff, those goggles are so cool!

  6. The site's here.

  7. AJ! You can get a clockwork or Gatling Gun insert!

  8. LOL, alien costumes! Sounds like fun! Hey, did you hear about Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day last year? It was a fake holiday made by the author of the webcomic Dresden Codak. I'm hoping they'll do one again this year, because last year I had to go to a going-away party and I didn't want to act up there.

    The goggles don't really open on the sides, but the brass is pierced so they "breathe." The hinges attach the straps to the leather at the sides. I'll have to take a side-view shot. Right now they're perched atop my desk, next to a can of Aardvark Bros. Antidote (a rather steampunk-looking product from the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company)

  9. Sorry, that's what I get for posting the link straight from their receipt without checking it in my browser first! Thank you Marilee for finding the proper one, I've edited the post accordingly :)

    He had a few of the accessories at Comic Con, and his own goggles were really tripped out with magnifiers and a side Gatling gun. But his arm piece was the real show-stopper. I'll have to post that picture soon.