Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Green beads make AJ happy!

The other day, when I was getting beads picked out for the dragon nest necklace, I noticed that palace green opal Swarovski crystals went really well with malachite. Unfortunately, neither of them went with the vintage green egg beads, so I saved the color combination in my mind, finally coming back to it today. Because I like how the pewter of Green Girl's work looks with malachite, too, I decided to use one of her tree pendants, and then I threw some green goldstone in for good measure, because it went and the coin shape of the beads nicely echoed the coin shape of the pendant. And so I give you Tree of Knowledge.

Check out the close-up in the Etsy image. How I love my camera! I was going to take some pictures outside today, because I heard that the lighting is ideal for photography when it's cloudy out, but then those clouds started dumping rain. Good for my trees, not so much for my camera. Maybe tomorrow will work out better.

Art Bead Scene's theme this month is "Something to Say." I'll be submitting Tree of Knowledge to the challenge today, but in the meantime I have three other pieces submitted, and yesterday I was chosen as the Designer of the Week because of The Mantra! There is a lot of other beautiful jewelry in this challenge, so I feel honored to be recognized. Be sure to check out the other entries!

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  1. Oooo, Designer of the Week! But that is a pretty piece. And I like this one, too!