Saturday, August 01, 2009

It's dog time, not blog time!

This is my favorite picture of Maggie -- I love that I captured her mid-yawn and managed to get a photo where she's showing her true cuteness, instead of looking sulky.

Today Chris and I took both of the girls down to the vet for their annual check-up and booster shots, in preparation for them being boarded while we're in NY. It was a bit of a stressful ordeal for them -- the vet and vet tech were both very nice, but that only goes so far for a dog when strange objects are being put into their orifices! Maggie especially wanted no part of it, though she still licked the vet's nose while being stethoscoped, and walked up to the vet tech for good-bye petting at the end.

Since then, they've spent most of the day in a post-vet drowsy state, showing the appropriate enthusiasm for food and opportunities to go outside, but otherwise adopting a feline-like system of moving from one nap spot to the next, largely based on where I am. AJ's in the office? Let's sleep on the loveseat or behind her desk chair. AJ's eating dinner? Let's sleep under the table or on the back of the couch, the better to occasionally wake up and make sad, starving eyes at her (they got fed before I did, don't believe them!). AJ's not paying attention? Let's go take a nap on the people bed! Silly dogs.

But when I sat down to write this post, Daisy became suddenly animated, barkingly insisting that she needed attention now, then jumping up to put her paws on my leg and nose her way between my arm and body, so that I'm hugging her. This is a frequent trick of hers, and she seems very pleased with herself for doing it. Now that I've turned down her advances, she's back on the loveseat, wearing her "I'm the saddest puppy ever" face. Guess I should go make it up to her!

By the way, Gossiping Pixies are today's Daily Special. Thought I should tack that on here...


  1. Aww, Maggie is adorable! How could you call her sulky? ;)

  2. Spirit will put her paws up on my legs when I'm here at the computer, but she doesn't want to be petted, she wants food!

  3. Sorry, that was me. It wouldn't take my OpenID. I'll try that again.

  4. Meri, she's usually not sulky, but she often looks it in her photos. In person, she is seriously the cutest dog I've ever known. I love her :D

    Marilee, Daisy will do it for food, too, but usually it's for attention. She's a very needy puppy!

  5. My boyfriends dog is name Sadie and we are buddies:) She has the saddest eyes while looking at you bunching down on bacon thinking, "hmm, I know this girl is a sucker, let me look even more pathic so she will give me bacon & maybe dad will too." yep, it works, I am going to rename her the bacon monster:)


  6. Sadie sounds like a real cutie :)