Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The sun, it burns!

No pictures today, because I forgot my camera and Chris isn't here right now.

We went to the Nassau County Art Museum, except not really. We actually went to a museum on their grounds dedicated to miniatures, where they were having a rather disappointing Alice in Wonderland themed exhibit. Then we ate a picnic in their grassy field, visited their guest shop (where I got an awesome painted and embroidered scarf), and walked down one of their nature trails.

Once again, despite sunscreen, I managed to burn. It isn't a bad burn, doesn't hurt, but I don't like being red in the face. I fear it may be time to join the ranks of the hat-wearers, even though it drives me crazy to have a brim obstructing my view. I suspect that skin cancer would drive me even more crazy.

Also, we went to Utopia, the goth/hippie shop that we always visit. I almost bought myself a corset, but instead I just bought two faerie tanktops which were on clearance sale, and four packages of new scents of my favorite brand of incense.

Anyway, time to iron the things that got wrinkled in my suitcase.


  1. Wear a hat and sunblock! My grandma gets bad spots from the sun removed all the time. I just got a spot removed from my face, it wasn't cancer THANK GOD, but I will be better!


  2. don't forget to lather yourself with aloe :D

  3. Jolene, my family has a lot of trouble with bad spots, too. I try to avoid the sun in general, but it's hard when I'm on vacation.