Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just a quick post...

Having a gym class in the morning and a dance class in the evening does not leave me much time for things today! I need to leave for Tempe in 40 minutes, and I have a few things to wrap up before I do.

My gym class taught me more things that I suck at, but I also feel like I got a good workout, so I guess that's the important thing. My quads still hurt from Tuesday. Hopefully class tonight will help me loosen up. At the very least, I don't go back to the gym (not counting Sunday's yoga session) until Tuesday, so I should have time to fully recover and be able to tackle whatever they're throwing at us next. I don't like the fact that I'm already behind schedule.

In the meantime, the corgis are mostly recovered from yesterday's dental ordeal. For whatever reason, the vet wasn't done with them until 6:15 in the evening. I had to get a ride from my parents to pick them up, so Chris wouldn't be late for krav maga. Of course, my parents are bigger dog people than I am, and Mom's van already had two crates set up in the back with pads and blankets -- ha ha! The girls had a comfy ride home.

Ok, off to put a few more beads on Cthulhu's lumpy head and then get ready for class.


  1. I think most people have a slow start to gym class -- we don't use a lot of our muscles.

  2. It's very true. And while a lot of the stuff in the gym is based on stuff that you might actually have to do in real life (while teaching us how to lift barbells, he was explaining how you'd use the same concept to put a heavy box on the shelf), it's not stuff you do every day!

    A big problem I'm finding is that things that have become ingrained due to belly dance are really bad for the gym -- belly dance and yoga both emphasize a lifted/open chest, which is apparently very bad for lifting weights.