Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And now, cute corgis!

To make up for yesterday's gloomy post, here is a picture of Daisy and Maggie! Awww. I took a bunch of pics of them yesterday before things got lousy, and this was the only pic of both of them in which neither one has a blurry head. I'm telling you, they just don't like to sit still.

As for yesterday's badness, I think things are going to be OK for now. Sorry to be all doom and gloom like that. I usually try to keep that stuff out of my blog, but it was late, I hadn't blogged yet, and I couldn't force myself to be positive.

I think tomorrow will be another Cthulhu post. Today my arms are tired from working out, so I really don't feel like trying to hold my camera steady.


  1. Daisy and Maggie are adorable. I'm glad to hear things may be OK, I'll be most happy to hear when they are! Looking forward to seeing more of Cthulhu - it makes me grin to think of it covered in beads.

  2. Thanks, Dawno! I think they're adorable, too, and when I was so upset yesterday, they were all over me with kisses and concern. They're very loving dogs.

    Cthulhu is proving to be a fun but challenging project, and I love all the encouragement I'm getting from my friends :) He'll be my nerdiest beading yet!

  3. Hope everything is ok with you.

    Adorable doggies. :)

  4. Thank you, Christina. I think things will be ok.

    And if the doggies understood English (more than just "outside" "breakfast" and "treat" that is), they would say thank you for noticing that they're adorable.

  5. *hugs* Totally understand about awful days!


    Hope things are better!