Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh, to be full of win!

I've already told you before that TotusMel's Wunderkammer is one of my favorite blogs ever. It's a finds blog that features dark, steamy, and unusual finds, quite different from the cutesy cupcakes and indie fashion that other blogs focus on.

To celebrate the blog's beautiful new look, TotusMel is having a give-away, and that is why I wish I was full of win, or at the very least, one of those lucky people who wins drawings. All of the prizes are amazing, but I'd really love to have the custom bustle skirt pictured above! I know, I know, I already have a bustle skirt, but this one is a totally different style. These things are important.

Would you also like a chance to win fabulous steampunk prizes? If so, you should head on over to The Give-Away Post and read up on the rules. There are so many ways to enter, and the more people who enter, the more fantastic prizes are available. Jewelry! Crowns! Sexy bustle skirts! What more could you want?


  1. That is a GREAT skirt! I could never wear it as all the donuts I've eaten have provided me with my own, natural bustle, but still, great skirt!

  2. I almost think that a bustle would be flattering to a well-rounded derriere, if only because it would help conceal the exact shape of said derriere. Besides, the whole idea of a bustle is for it to stick way out in back, so that would heighten the image ;) Of course, you might do better with the style of the one I actually have, which is smooth in front with a big ol' bustled back. It makes me feel like a peacock!

  3. Yes, in fact, at the time of bustles, having a larger figure was desirable.

    (Marilee -- LJ is having a DoS again.)

  4. Everything's getting DoSed lately, apparently because Russia is mad at some guy in Georgia and they're trying to keep him from talking crap about them on any form of social networking? I dunno. It's a load of garbage. Been having trouble with Twitter and Facebook for days, and a little trouble here.

    I think a bustle helps create the image of an hourglass figure. Of course, you were supposed to squeeze your waist into a tiny corset and have it push your boobs up and forward to help, too. I'll stick with the bustle. It goes swish-swish when I dance, so much fun.