Sunday, August 23, 2009

In the air, hopefully

Because I will probably be too tired today to blog after I land in NY, I am pre-writing this post and scheduling it to show up while I'm either in a plane or in an airport. I'll be spending at least 11 hours of my day tomorrow in planes and airports, and that's assuming they actually give me a seat in Atlanta, which they're trying not to do.

So check in Monday for the harrowing details of my two-layover trip from AZ to NY via GA and VA!


  1. Are ya there yet? Are ya? I would have come to meet you at Dulles, but I figured you didn't want to come out of the secure area and have to go through the clearance again to get back in.

  2. My flight out of Dulles was a fiasco anyway! They printed the wrong ticket for me in Tucson and I spent half an hour waiting in line at Dulles to get a new one printed. I was the second person in line. There was just NO ONE at the desk for our flight :/

  3. Oh, that's too bad! But at least you're there safely.