Saturday, August 15, 2009


There are some benefits to Chris being gone. The main one is that I eat whatever I want. Tonight I had lobster ravioli and truffle flat bread. He eats neither crustaceons nor fungus, so these were rare treats for me. And delicious treats. Mmmm. I'll eat the rest of the flat bread tomorrow, with either a chicken patty or marinated ahi steak (he'd actually eat those, I won't spend the entire week on a shellfish and mushroom binge).

I've made some fun progress on Cthulhu today. I think you'll like what you see tomorrow.


  1. Oh boy! Now there's a good dinner!

  2. It was a good dinner! Surprisingly affordable, too. The lobster ravioli was the same price as all the other ready-to-cook raviolis. Usually I get a mushroom-y one, but I felt trying something new.