Friday, August 07, 2009

The Evil Eye!

Why is Cthulhu giving us the evil eye? Is it because he objects to being called cute? Perhaps he's offended by the fact that he's being covered in beads? Maybe he's annoyed that I stuck my needle into his hand. Most likely, he just can't help it.

The eyes probably are the most evil part about this project. If you're not familiar with this style of eye, it's a hemisphere with a shank in the back, held in place by a sort of pronged washer sort of deal. This means that the cloth around the eye had metal or plastic under it instead of plush, which makes it very difficult to anchor the needle to stitch the beads down.

Another problem I encountered while working on Cthulhu is that the thread I was using was too fine and kept breaking, so I had to force a thicker thread through the tiny eye of the needle I'm using. But at least I haven't broken any more needles -- yet.

Cthulhu's face is mostly covered in lime green colorlined size 11 seed beads leftover from a past BFAC kit. I considered using the pink-lined lime beads leftover from this year's BFAC kit, but two things stopped me: I hate them and I hate them. Ok, maybe that's just one thing.

I'm filling the rest of the face in with the size 15 beads from the first step, as they're smaller and easier to use in the tight spaces leftover in his face. Also, I got bored of using the same color. I think there will be more variety on the rest of his head and body.


  1. If you stuck a needle in my head, I'd be giving you more than just an evil eye.

    Are you going to cover him entirely in beads?

  2. He looks kind of like a baby saying "pick me up". Awww, what a cutie! *evil laugh*

  3. He's evil, but in such a cute way! On the thread issue - have you tried a "big eye" needle? The eye basically runs almost the entire length of the needle and you can put any kind of thread through it that you want and it still will go through a seed bead.

  4. SaraBeth, I'm thinking of leaving his tentacles bare, and only embellishing part of the wings. Debating leaving his butt bare so he'll rest more softly on whatever he sits on.

    Lindsey, he wants to be picked up so he can eat your brain! ;)

    Silver, I like Big Eye needles for some things, but since they're pointy on both ends, it really hurts to use them for embroidery! I tried with my coin bra and I stabbed myself a lot until I found my sewing needle.

  5. He's coming along great!

  6. Thank you, Meri!

    Marilee, it's fun how he appears to be frowning even without a normal mouth!

  7. What a just cutest evil creature ever!!

    *okay everyone move away because a lightening bolt will hit me soon*