Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cthulhu hitches a ride.

Cthulhu hitched a ride in my purse today, accompanying me on a trip to Long Beach to meet a friend. It's hard to tell in this pictue, but I've finished the top of his head, finally. I didn't get a chance to work on him during my flight out, due to the tight space in the airplane, but I've stolen a few minutes here and there to work on him.

However, Cthulhu didn't get to come bead shopping with me today, because I didn't trust him not to escape my purse and wreak untold havoc on the sanity of the bead store employees.

We went to three stores today. Wherefore Art Thou, a small shop where I found nothing to buy, my usual standby of Ace Handicraft, where I bought a bunch of key pendants, some vintage beads, and a couple of neat focals, and Beads and Stitches, where I found some matte pearl Czech glass and other neat things.

Tomorrow we're off to NYC for shopping, site-seeing and Wicked!


  1. Okay, I think that's officially even more bizarre than when I used to carry Treebeard in my purse. LOL!

    He's coming along great, by the way! :)

  2. It was good to see you! I'm glad we could have lunch together. And glad you had a successful shopping trip afterwards.

  3. You'll have to take pictures of your haul when you get home!

  4. i'm so excited you're going to see Wicked!!!!!!!
    Maybe Cthulhu should be permanaemtly attached *to* a purse permanently. It looked so cool in the pic, maybe it's a sign.

  5. Okay everybody share........he & Treebeard needs to come to Tucson. I can take pictures of them hanging out in a catus etc. A friend of mine from Minnesota would do that. She had a moose that you would give people to send to different places to take pictures with the moose. I took him to the Faerie land convention in Portland Oregon...we had a great time:)