Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Daisy Dog!

I decided that since I took a bunch of pictures of the dogs, I'll use them on posts where I don't have any new Cthulhu or other bead-related pictures. So here's Daisy, being cute and happy. For some reason, she puts her ears back when she's happy. I think it makes her look kind of like a seal. This picture was taken between her bouncing up and down excitedly on the couch trying to get me to pet her (which I did) before running over to the other end of the couch to wrestle with Maggie.

Today I had another workout, and I got more advice on how to deal with my ridiculously short Achilles tendons, and I lifted 25lb bars, and I jumped around a lot, and I rowed 500m. Actually, I did that first, but whatever. I don't go back to the gym until the Tuesday after I get back from NY. I will get plenty of exercise while I'm gone though, as I'll spend at least one day walking around NYC and one day walking around a Ren Faire, and I'll probably dance a bit, and practice my squats. I will not be sedentary, that is for sure.


  1. she is so cute!!! Congrats on exercising! I am trying to get back into it again..


  2. Aww, what a cutie! (I love when the blogs I follow post pictures of their pets- cute animals are the best!)

  3. I really love the Daisy picture. I'd take more pictures of my dogs but they are way way too fuzz.

  4. Cute puppy face! I'd take more pics of my dogs, but they usually try to eat the camera.

    So what's the secret of dealing with short Achilies tendon? I have one that is short. It can sometimes make ballet a pain, literally.

  5. I'd like to take more pictures of the cats curled up together, but they hear me and wake up.

    (Marilee -- blogger is being weird)

  6. Thank you everyone. Daisy is a little cutie and I love her -- even though she's also Little Miss Barky Face.

    Jolene, you can do it! Are you thinking of going to a gym, or working out at home?

    Meri, I love pet pics, too!

    Dot, are they covered in too much fuzz, or do they move too much so the pics come out fuzzy?

    SaraBeth, she told me to put a phone book under my desk and prop my feet up on it, heels down. It is definitely a stretch, I can only do it for a little at a time! (start with the skinny local phone book, btw, not the huge yellow pages!) She also suggested putting my toes against the wall, as high up as I can, heel down, and lean into my foot. It was when she saw how little I could raise my foot to do that that she realized that was my problem!

    Marilee, this set of photos all started when I wanted to take a pic of Daisy sleeping in a very cute position, but she woke up as soon as I moved. She has a real knack for that.