Friday, July 31, 2009

I guess it's time to think about Autumn

Autumn Flier is today's Daily Special! With my increased focus on fantasy jewelry, I probably won't be doing as many butterfly and dragonfly necklaces, so you should snatch them up while you still can!

Some of my on-line friends who live in colder climates have been lamenting that with August starting tomorrow, Fall is close on its way. I have a had time getting into this way of thought, maybe because it will be warm well into October here, and maybe because most of our trees in AZ are evergreens, so there's not a whole lot of falling leaves. Maybe it's because I don't go to school, so I don't equate the start of the school year with the end of Summer. Or maybe I just don't feel like beading in Autumnal colors yet. Maybe digging through my collection of leaf beads would help... except that most of them are green. Nevermind!

A couple of other things really quickly...

Class was awesome last night. Learned some new moves, did well at some and poorly at one. We're reaching the point of doing variations and combinations based on the moves we learned in the first two classes, which is pretty exciting. I also bought some nice new additions to my costume wardrobe.

Meri Greenleaf, frequent commentor on this blog, featured one of my necklaces in her blog's Thursday Trove post. Thank you, Meri!

Finally, brooches may be a little delayed, as I'm dealing with a bit of beader's block about them and may even decide to rip out all of what I've done and start over -- I'm not satisfied with how the beads are lying.


  1. I'm definitely not inclined to make Fall things yet. I don't like Fall nearly as much as Summer- I guess I'll have to, though, because I know people do like that season and won't want to buy Summer things all year, lol.

    Yay for new costume parts!

    You're very welcome! I love that necklace. :D

    I hope you get over the beader's block!

  2. I don't mind Autumn (such as it is here in AZ), and the colors can be fun to work in... I'm just not in that mindset yet!

    The nice thing about the fantasy jewelry that you and I make is that a lot of it has year-round appeal to our fellow geek girls :)

  3. I am trying to think about fall too but it is easier for me to bead in those colors cause they are my favorite:) This is the time of year, I would be going to the Ren Faire in MN...:) I need to start focusing on fantasy stuff too because I will be getting a table at MarsCon which is a convention in March in MN, in which I know I will freeze!!