Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I started at the gym

Medusa Turning to Stone is today's Daily Special. One thing that I love about Green Girl is that she made not one, but two different Medusa bead/pendant styles. This one, and a two-sided flat coin with Medusa's head on the front and a snake on the back. That other one is in a necklace I made for myself and wear all the time, in gorgeous olivine greens. Mmm.

As stated in the title, today I started attending Chris's gym. I guess that makes it my gym now, too. While at the gym, I learned that I suck at squats. I also did a lot of rowing. I also hung out with my friend Casey, who is my learning-to-workout partner, and who does not suck at squats. While I was trying to learn to keep my stupid heels flat while squatting, he was lifting big heavy weights from a squat. So in a way, it was actually good to suck, because I was a lot less tired at the end than he was. I'm going back on Thursday, to learn what else I suck at.


  1. Congratulations!!

    Gentle stretching & warm lavender baths are good for sore muscles.

    Actually, warm lavender baths are just plain goood!

    Have you set a work out goal?

    And don't forget to reward yourself every now & then. Massages, beads, chocolate......;-)

  2. I wanted to take a bath with salts (can't remember the exact scent I have, orange and some sort of wood, I think), but our bath is currently broken -- has one of those flip-things to plug it up and it won't flip! Made bathing the dogs very challenging, let me tell you :)

    I don't have a specific finite goal. I'm happy with my weight, I just want to be stronger and have more stamina, mostly to help my dancing. And if I happen to have a more toned, sexy body for my husband, well, that's a plus, too :D

  3. What! No goals? You don't want to crush cans with your biceps?

  4. Ha ha, no!

    I don't really tend to think in terms of goals, more like processes. So instead of saying "I want to crush cans with my biceps" I'm more like "I want to get into the habit of going to the gym 3x a week."

  5. I love that necklace- it's very pretty and I like the colors. I've thought Medusa was cool ever since my fiancé threw one into our D&D game. :)

    Aww, even if you suck at the squats, you get kudos for actually going to a gym!

  6. Love the Medusa necklace - except I had to make sure to look at it using a mirror so she wouldn't turn me to stone LOL! Congrats on the gym - I need to get back to going regularly. It's so hard to find the time, though. And yet, so easy to find time to eat donuts.

  7. Thank you, Meri and Silver! Glad that Medusa can get a little love, even if it's via a mirror ;)

    Meri, I'm trying to get better about accepting the fact that I can't be automatically good at everything I do. I have a bad habit of giving things up if I don't succeed right away.

    Silver, I'm lucky to be in a position where I not only have a gym really nearby, but my husband and several of our friends are all attending the same gym, so there's lots of motivation to go.

    Now if my legs would stop hurting, I'd be thrilled... ;)