Thursday, August 06, 2009

Another night in Tempe

In a few hours I'll be off on my weekly trek to Tempe for dance class. Yay! With any luck, the class DVDs will be back in stock. The problem with practicing during the week is that I have to rely on my mental image of the move, and sometimes I get to the next class and find that I've been doing it wrong all week. It also doesn't help that I don't have a mirror to work in front of -- I rely on my shadow, and my reflection in the TV screen. That problem will soon be in the past, at least, as my friend Helen is going to trade me a mirror for some dogsitting. Hooray!

I'm also trying a new restaurant tonight, one which is right next to the studio and comes highly recommended by the folks at the studio. It will be very convenient if I like them, as it will mean that we won't always have to drive around Tempe to get food.

Tomorrow I'll probably have another Cthulhu post. I got some work done on him last night and intend to do more today, in between housework and class.

Oh yes, and in honor of dance class, Spiral Journey is today's Daily Special!


  1. Have fun in class tonight!

    Bed, Bath, & Beyond carries mirrors that can be mounted to doors. That's what I use in my yoga-dance-bead-computer room because I have absolutely no wall space available for mirrors.

  2. Class was great, thank you!

    Right now I practice in the living room, where there's no wall space or doors. Once the game room is finished, it will also serve as my practice area, and a practice area for the guys to do their Krav Maga.

  3. Will they be practicing Krav Maga to belly dance music & incense?

  4. *grins* That could certainly be arranged!