Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cthulhu's Dark Head

Ok, this is a really lousy picture. I forgot to take Cthulhu outside for photographing before it got dark, so I had to take the picture at my desk instead. It's dark because I'm between Cthulhu and the light. I'll try to take a better picture in a couple of days, when I'll have more progress to show.

I got very frustrated with how hard it was to fill in the little bits of the face, so I've moved on to working on the rest of the head. I'm mainly using some matte opaque pea green size 11 seed beads that seemed rather fitting. I also decided that the four sections of the crown of his head should have ridges. Size 8 seed beads seemed to be just right for that, and I fortunately already had some that matched the lime green 11s I was using on his face. Now I'm outlining the ridges, and filling in the rest of the head.

Working on the head has proven to be a lot easier than the face, which makes me confident that the main body and limbs shouldn't be too challenging, either. This means completing the project should only be an issue of time and appropriate beads (both of which I should have enough of), and not an issue of skill/feasibility.


  1. He's coming along great- I bet he's going to look awesome when you're done! :)

  2. Thank you, Meri! I just need to buckle down and get him finished :)

  3. He is coming along. Yeppers, that face area is tough. That is why sometimes I just leave the face alone & just "frame" it in. I can't wait to see "him"