Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Steamy Earrings

Tiger in a Taffeta Dress earrings are today's Daily Special. I'm honestly surprised that these haven't sold yet. They're a good price, and they're beautiful. Maybe the photos are to blame. I'm not really thrilled with that blue background, very few things have looked quite right when photographed on it. At some point, I really need to start the process of taking better images of most of the items in my Etsy shop and on my website. That probably won't happen until at least mid-October, when the Tahoe retreat is behind me.

Today is a really busy day. The dogs are at the vet getting their teeth cleaned, and will be coming home sometime this afternoon. I need to clean the house for tonight's game. I need to get some major work done on Cthulhu. I need to sit down with my companion DVD for belly dance class and find where the moves I need to practice are, and then practice them. I need to string two packages of crystals during tonight's game. Also, I have to try to keep the group on track so we can wrap up our current game before Chris takes off for NY. With all of that on my To Do list, I should probably wrap this post up.

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