Friday, January 25, 2008

Ghosts and Faeries.

As planned, Chris and I had another movie date today, and we saw "The Orphanage." I'm happy to say that it did not suck, and in fact, was every bit as good as I heard that it was. It had a nice creepy, tense atmosphere, a lot of sadness, and a few scares. Much better than the "Oh no! Children are SCARY!" film that I expected from the trailers. If you're a fan of stories that inspire a lot of emotions, including fear and tears, without an overload of gore or jump scares (of which there was admittedly, just a little bit), you should definitely go see this film.

Before "The Orphanage" they played the trailer for "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" which I am still not tired of seeing. In fact, it only gets better. This time it was EVIL FAERIES on the big screen! I'm so excited! This is a good year to be a faerie lover, because of course, "The Spiderwick Chronicles" comes out on Valentine's Day. When I first saw that trailer, I dismissed it as a kid's movie, but it started to grow on me. Then I read that it was by Tony DiTerlizzi!* I really, really, really love the artwork that he did for the old D&D and Changeling books, so I really want to see his work on the big screen. I don't know if it will convince me to read the books -- I'm generally not too into kids' books -- but it may convince me to buy them for my niece when she'd old enough, which should be soon.

One other nerdy movie confession: I really love that Coke commercial. You know, the one about the weird little guys living in the Coke machine? With the willow tree with the steampunk-inspired mechanical arms? It is seriously the single coolest commercial I have ever seen, and it makes me wish that I liked cola so I could drink Coke. It played before both of the recent movies I saw. At the "Cloverfield" screening, at the same time I was telling Chris "This is the best commercial ever!" a woman two rows up was saying "I don't get it." I'm so sorry for you, ma'am. It must be sad to live in a world without wonder and imagination.

*I read this in Faerie Magazine, because I finally got my first issue yesterday. GLEE! There's an ad for a faerie event in Oregon that I desperately want to go to, but it's 1 week after Comic Con. Qntal is playing there. QNTAL!!!! And other cool bands! I think I've got to start going to these faerie festivals. They might be even better than Ren Faire.


  1. My 7-year old son wants nothing to do with seeing The Spiderwick Chronicles (though I want to see it), but we just bought the book set at Barnes & Noble last night. Reading aloud to him, we're almost finished with the first book. If you do decide to read it, it's a quick read.

    I love that Coke commercial, too!

  2. That Faerie Convention is probably part of the same one that I went to in Philly, but the one in Eugene is supposed to be the original big one I think. Oh, how I would love to go there! But any excuse to go to OR again....

  3. Christina, do you think that reading the books will change his mind? The funny thing is, my DH was the one trying to convince me to see it... but then again, we grew up on movies like Labyrinth. It's nice to see that sort of film making a comeback!

    Melanie, I think the two shows are put on by the same organizers, and the Eugene one does look bigger and better. I really wish it wasn't ONE WEEK after Comic Con so I could try to find a way to swing a trip there. I've never even been to Oregon, and I'd really like to visit it. Maybe next year! I'll just have to hope that they book Qntal again!