Saturday, January 26, 2008

I shouldn't be here!

It's almost 2pm, so instead of sitting at the computer, I should really be getting ready for gaming. Of course, Chris is still at HIS computer, so it's not like we'll be leaving anytime soon.

I read most of my Faerie magazine last night. They have a really good article on Arthur Rackham. I was already familiar with his art, from the "Fairy Art" book that I bought last year, but this article covered different ground. At one point they were talking about his work and the Art Nouveau movement. There's a picture in there of this bracelet that was designed for an actress playing Cleopatra. It's this snake, all in gold and opals and other gems, with an attached ring and all these chains, and WOW! It treads a fine line between gorgeous and gaudy, and I can't imagine wearing something like that, but it's really beautiful to look at.

Ok, Chris is actually getting ready now. I'd better go change out of my PJs and pack up some beads!

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