Friday, January 04, 2008

Back to beadin'!

I couldn't do any beadweaving last night, because my eyes were too tired, but I did do a little stringing. I made a heart necklace in honor of the fast-approaching Valentine's Day. I think it might be one of the first things that I list on Etsy. I've just got to try to find the name of the artist who made the focal. Why oh why didn't I keep better track of these things in the past?

Today, I think I might work on a necklace with the Earth Goddess pendant that I bought from Earthenwood. Because, you know, I simply don't have enough dryad-y jewelry available already! Of course, I might also save that project for tomorrow's D&D game, and work on something less portable hear at home. We'll see what direction my muse goes in, after I'm done with all the stuff I have to do.

Last night it rained a bit, and today it's pleasantly warm, a nice change from the cold weather we've been having. Because I feel more energetic in this sort of weather, I am determined to dance tonight. Yeah! It's been way too long.

But first, I must work! Off I go...


  1. I know, I thought of course I'd remember which lampwork belongs to whom. And for most of them, I do. But I have some that I really have no idea.

    I haven't beaded in a while. I had the annual sweater to do, and I'm 3.5 weeks behind in the WashPost. Last night I put new buttons on my new coat (it came with really ugly brassish coat of arms buttons) and mended the pocket of a pair of pants and the hem of another pair. And after needing to use the hat and attached scarf I made last year on Wednesday, it turns out I'm allergic to Superwash wool (it's supposed to be non-allergenic, but apparently my wool allergy is too big) so I need to make another one in another fiber. Plus, that one matched the old coat and I can make one to match the new coat.

  2. Ugh, I hate those coat-of-arm buttons! I need to replace the buttons on my coat, too. They're plain wood, which is fine, but one is missing and another is about to fall off.

    As for the lampwork, well, I remember who made it, I just don't remember her name! I used to buy from her all the time, and her hearts are pretty unique... They're flat and thin, which makes them really easy to design with.