Saturday, January 05, 2008

The rare and elusive Saturday update!

Well, I bought Chris "Portals" for the holidays, so he's in no rush to leave for D&D... that means I have time to blog!

Yesterday was a good and productive day. I did a lot of work on BFAC photos, made a necklace, and danced! I also received my Art Bead Scene prize package, which is seriously awesome. I plan to play with those beads and fibers during the coming week. Good thing I ordered those cord-ends last time I bought findings.

Speaking of which, I just got the 2008 catalog from my findings supplier. I love to shop on-line, but I really like to browse through catalogs, too. I always see things that I manage to miss when I'm on the website. And there are some really cool new things in here! I can't wait until the next time I need to place an order. Of course, I'm really well-stocked right now, which means it may be months until I can make an excuse to buy more findings.

As planned, I have the earth goddess necklace packed up to work on today. And I'm wearing a water goddess pendant, because the glaze goes really well with the top I'm wearing today. Color coordination is everything! If you want your own water goddess, I really think you should buy this set, so I don't feel tempted to buy it. The two that I have are single-color glazed... I really love how she painted that pendant in multiple colors to highlight the design!


  1. Okay, I bought it. It goes with one of my tie-dye shirts (plus a plain shirt) and I am a waterbaby.

  2. Oh my! You two are so funny, you made my Saturday!

    Thanks AJ for the linkage, sorry to tempt you.

    And thanks Marilee, it is nice to meet you!

  3. Awesome, Marilee! You'll have to send me a picture of what you make :) I bet she'll look great with tie-dye!

    Melanie, I'm always happy to do linkage... and even more so when it actually results in a sale :D

  4. AJ, what you don't know is that I put in the PayPal message box:

    "AJ made me buy this!"

    which is what brought Melanie over.

  5. LOL! Tis true, although I do read your blog everyday...I just hadn't read it yet that day~

    You are both great!

  6. Ha ha. I like being an enabler :)