Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello, 2008!

The New Year is already off to a good start. This morning, Snow Angel won Art Bead Scene's December contest! I'm really excited and I can't wait to design with Gaea's pendants!

Last night was pretty nice, too. We went out to our favorite Japanese restaurant, then came home, played video games, and rang in the New Year with gourmet root beer. We also watched some Qi on YouTube. It's this hilarious British game show where all the contestants are actors or comedians, and they spend most of the time just joking around instead of answering the questions. I recommend looking it up on YouTube if that sort of thing is up your alley.

Today, my family is coming over. We do our winter holiday celebration on New Year's Day -- it's just less stressful that way! This is my first year hosting it. It's going to be a little crowded in my apartment, especially if my brother brings his best friend, but it will be nice to have everyone over. I just need to tidy things up a bit first. I know that some traditions hold that it's bad luck to do housework on the New Year, but I'm not very superstitious. If anything, I think it's good to start 2008 on the right foot... keeping things neat and clean!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday!


  1. AJ, it says it was randomly chosen -- do they just draw names of the pieces submitted? I still like it!

    And I just got up from a six-hour nap. I'd planned to be more productive, but my cleaning lady came today* and I have to get up early for that so I just sleep in the recliner with the cats through her cleaning. Usually I get up after she leaves and get to whatever I'm going to do, but I was still so sleepy I slept more!

    *When we said "two weeks?" last time, neither of us realized it would be New Year's. When I did, I called the number I have for her, which is their condo. I knew they were in Texas, but I also knew her sister-in-law was monitoring the phone. Unfortunately, she didn't have enough English to understand my message, so Lucilla showed up today and I kept saying if she'd rather rest (back from TX yesterday), that was fine, but she decided she'd rather go ahead and clean.

  2. Yeah, they do a drawing, so it has nothing to do with how awesome Snow Angel is ;) It's been a very popular lariat, though. ABS featured it earlier in the month, and when I advertised a sale on Rare Bird Finds, it was also the piece they chose to represent my business. I guess it's a combination of it being a pretty lariat, and being perfect colors for the season.

    That was nice of Lucilla to clean despite the holiday! Chris helped me with our housework, and it's all done except for one thing that he promised to do, and still has an hour to get to.