Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The fruits of my labors.

Sorry about yesterday's rather short post. I was so tired, and today isn't much better! I've been sleeping terribly. Our phone number is one digit off from a large hotel here, and we keep getting people who have mistakenly dialed us instead of the hotel. 4:20am on Monday morning, I get this guy calling for the Doubletree. Seriously! I think I'm going to start just unplugging the phone when I go to bed.

The image above is Fields of Arcadia, which I made yesterday morning and posted on the site last night. I love the necklace, but I'm not thrilled with the photograph. I kept getting a lot of glare... the other pictures I took were even worse. I also posted Budding Leaves on the site. The two of them go quite well together.

I guess I'm ready for Spring already, given the bright greens I'm working in. Or maybe I just can't get away from green no matter the season.

The Etsy shop is coming along quite well, too. I'm really happy with how easy the store is to manage, so I hope that it actually works out as a good venue for me. Head on over and check out the new items. You really have to check out Broken-Hearted Robot, I had too much fun writing the description.

If you're looking for Valentine's jewelry, definitely head over to Etsy. I put up some really cute heart earrings yesterday. And check out my friend Deb at Bead Indulgences, she has some gorgeous maille earrings accented with Swarovski hearts!

I'm not sure what's on the slate for today, other than laundry (bleh). Hopefully some dancing and working on my pants later tonight!


  1. I love the robot description! I've never seen wire mesh lace, maybe I should go to a beadstore someday.

    I had an urgent care appt today -- turned out to be an ingrown toenail -- and I wore the blue fish necklace. My cleaning lady complimented it, then the receptionist, then the podiatrist!

  2. Wire mesh lace has been out for a couple of years, but I've never seen it at my LBS. It's ALL OVER the To bead True Blue show, though. I'll send you some in February -- what color would you like? It comes in at least one shade of every color of the rainbow, plus metallics.

    I'm glad that the blue fish necklace is so popular! I got some beautiful green lentils from Lois to make a similar-styled necklace to submit to magazines. I just need to pick out some accents and make it up.

  3. Oh, thanks! Purple, of course. :)