Monday, July 13, 2009

Onward and upward!

Today's Daily Special is Keeper of Mementos. This is currently the only locket necklace I have available -- I think I need to fix that!

I just mailed off my 2010 Layne's Legacy -- Beading For A Cure project. You may have noticed that unlike the last two years, I did not make any in-progress posts or indeed, even post a picture of it. The truth is that I was not very happy with this year's bead kit, nor with the style of lampwork included in it, and as such I ended up doing a much simpler project than I would have liked. I simply was not inspired.

Now that my BFAC project is out of the way, I have a reasonably clean slate (bead-wise, at least) and I'm looking forward to attacking more enjoyable projects -- upcycling my vintage Taxco necklace (turns out it's really not vintage enough to be valuable), making some brooches for the shop, and working on a couple of projects for the Tahoe Bead Retreat in October. Not only do I want to have something pretty to wear for the reception there, but they're also having an Ugly Beaded Project contest, and I have the perfect idea in mind for that.

I suspect that things are going to quickly get much more lively around here!


  1. So are you, um, using the leftover BFAC beads for the Ugly Beaded Project?

  2. tee he mjlayman!

    love the wee face on the keeper of the locket.

  3. LOL! No, I'm not! By the time I finish any BFAC project, I want a break from those colors anyway, ugly or not ;)

    Thank you, Julie! Have you seen the similar face in my Elvensoul necklace? I love Melanie's little fae beads!