Friday, July 10, 2009

Why seed beads?

Marcia DeCoster made an interesting blog post today, asking "Why seed beads?" and I thought it would be the good subject of a post of my own.

Why seed beads indeed? Woven projects are so time-consuming that I have to price them so high that they rarely sell. And yet I can't stop making them, because seed beads inspire me.

One of my favorite things about seed beads is the sheer amount of colors and finishes available. I can match almost anything, from a carved stone to a lampworked bead to the ceramic pendant in today's Daily Special, Mistress of the Secret Forest.

Versatility is key, too. Tiny seed beads can be woven together to form all sorts of shapes and express different styles. They can be bold, delicate, modern, classic, Victorian, tribal... Anything my muse wants to do can be rendered in seed beads, whether it's by weaving them, stitching them down, or even using them as spacers in strung designs. They can stand on their own, or they can be accented by anything else from my stash -- artist-made focals, Czech glass, Swarovski crystals, vintage treasures, skeleton keys...

I'm looking forward to doing even bigger and better things with my seed beads in the near future -- fully-embroidered collars, more ornate belly dance bras, necklaces with multiple bezeled rivolis, all sort of exciting projects.


  1. Great response. I always think you must bead very fast with the number of seed bead items you share with us and put in your shop.

  2. I think seed beads have an energy of their own and, as you say, once started it's impossible to stop as they're so inspiring and even, as my hands finish one idea my dreams are off creating the next.

    This photo is especially lovely too, with the delicate netting and the swagged leaves echoing the leaf shapes etched into your focal bead.

    And no, there seems no way to price our pieces to reflect the hours taken. people who don't bead just don't understand.

  3. I love the zen of beadweaving. Even complicated stitches or patterns are calming for me.

  4. there is something terribly compelling about taking something tiny and individual, and magically making it into something entirely larger and part of a clan.

  5. It's nice to see everyone's thoughts on this subject :)