Friday, July 17, 2009

Dancin' up a storm!

Mr. Skully-Man is today's Daily Special. Yes, those are the same satin-y green beads from Turtle Talisman. I love them so much!

My classmates and I must have danced up a storm last night, because as Casey and I were leaving Tempe, there was beautiful lightning in the sky -- then lightning in the sky for the rest of the drive home, and pouring rain when we hit Tucson. It was quite a nice little storm, didn't dump much rain on my neighborhood, but refreshing nonetheless. And it stopped before bed time, which was good, because Miss Mags refuses to go outside in the rain. She's prissy that way.

Class last night was great, and also more than a little tiring. I learned the proper way to shoulder shimmy, which uses some muscles that weren't accustomed to that much work, and we did a lot of them. I think the first half of class was nothing but shoulder shimmies, and transitioning in and out of them. Then we had to do more at the end when we practiced everything we'd learned! Oddly enough, my arms feel fine today, and it's my left calf that hurts!

Sadly, we have no class next week, but at least I have two weeks to practice everything I just learned and get really good at it, so I'll be ready to tackle new things at the next class.


  1. I love belly dancing. And shoulder shimmies come in so useful in other types of dance. Did they have you sit in a chair to isolate your shoulders from your hips? That's how I learned to shimmy.


  2. I'm not sure if I'm coordinated enough to try belly dancing, but it sounds like so much fun and such a good work out!

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  3. Joann, no, my teacher is a big stickler for posture, so she had us standing in tribal stance the entire time, but that also helps keep your hips in place. And then it was easy for us to transition into the hip-drop :)

    I can definitely see how a chair would help, though, and my calf probably wouldn't have hurt if I'd been sitting... LOL!

    Athena, I was not coordinated at all when I started dancing. It really helped me get a better sense of my body -- my coordination, balance, and ability to not walk into furniture have all greatly improved since I started dancing. Well, I still walk into the dining room table a lot, but it's a tight squeeze to get by it ;)

    Thank you for the Award, I'll try to pass it on later this week when things settle down.