Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New jewelry, new pictures, old beads.

Yesterday's photography session allowed me to get some new items listed today. First, Celestial Celebration which features a carved dragon pendant, and pretty much the entire strand of yummy firework jasper that I bought at the Rings & Things show back in May.

I also listed the Gossiping Pixies earrings, which I made last week while my friend Mara was stringing her first necklace.

Plus I took shiny new pictures that I added to the listings for Athena's Familiar, Automatic Ankle Accelerator, Spiral Journey, and Mysterious Portrait. I'm really happy with the shots on the black pinstripe paper. I think it's a sharp look for my Gothic designs. Definitely going to be using that one a lot.

Then I started listing items for my destash sale! Star of David beads and lampworked vessels. There's more yet to come, probably next week.

As if that wasn't enough, I also took pictures for the next Tribal Jewelry blog post, which will probably be up tomorrow! My camera and I, we've been quite busy.

Oh, and before I forget, today's Daily Special is Moonlit Seductress!


  1. Ooo, I really like those Gossiping Pixies earrings! How cute!

  2. Wow, the jasper & the jade dragon do neat things together! A design that has good feng shui :)


  3. Looks like you have some great designs there. I bought some firework jasper from R&T, too, but mine looks totally different than yours LOL!

  4. Meri, I had completely forgotten about those little pixies until my friend found them while looking for a pendant for her necklace! Glad they popped back up, they really are cuties.

    Thank you, Dave! And thank you as well for sharing the link on Twitter this morning :)

    Silver, do you have any pictures of your fireworks jasper? I'd like to see the variation!