Thursday, July 30, 2009

There was a raccoon in my yard

I don't have any pictures of the raccoon, so you'll have to settle for this image of today's Daily Special, Athena's Familiar.

So anyway, last night when people were leaving our house after gaming, there was a raccoon under the tree on the edge of our front yard. A raccoon. In the middle of Tucson. I've lived here for 15 years, and I've never seen a raccoon. In fact, come to think of it, I don't think I've seen a live raccoon ever. In my entire life. Seriously.

The raccoon only had half a tail, which made him look rather un-raccoon-like, but he was shaped like a raccoon, had a raccoon-y face, and walked like a raccoon. And to be honest, as neat as it was to see him, I hope it doesn't become a regular occurrence, and that he's the only raccoon in our neighborhood. I worry about the dogs scrapping with him or one of his relatives (let's face it, my corgis aren't that much bigger than a raccoon, but they think that they're the size of German Shepherds, except when they want in my lap, and then they think they're a toy breed). I worry about having to lock my trash cans. I worry about them making a hole in the roof of the house or game room and taking up residence there and making life difficult for me. I worry about rabies and parasites.

But other than that -- hey cool! There was a raccoon. In my yard! A real life wild raccoon!


  1. I LOVE that necklace - particularly the pendant. It's awesome! We have raccoons, here, too, and I'm right in the middle of suburbia. Doesn't seem to bother them, though. I will tell you to keep a tight lid on your trashcans and/or put 'em away because they'll get into 'em and spill everything out. Also, they are mean. Cute, but mean.

  2. Living in the midwest, raccoons are fairly plentiful here. They are abundant at the nearest state park where we camp sometimes in the summer. A couple summers ago my son took his girlfriend camping. As he was escorting her to the washroom they came across a raccoon. He decided that it shouldn't have to forage for food so he squatted down and offered it a granola bar he had in his pocket. It crept up cautiously and took the treat from him. Fortunately said raccoon was not sick and didn't scratch, bite or otherwise maim my son. He got scolded when he got home (even though he is an adult) but he still talks about how cool the raccoons hand was as it grasped the food from him. -Karen

  3. Thank you! Green Girl's pendants are really fun to work with.

    So far the raccoon has not gotten into my trash, but perhaps he's responsible for the random trash blowing around the neighborhood.

    Karen, thank you for chewing your son out! It's not healthy for him or for the raccoon to hand-feed them like that... no matter how cute they are ;)

  4. We had raccoons (and other critters) in the woods between our development and another one until about a year ago when coyotes came in from a more rural area and ate all the critters. Too much development out there was driving them in.

  5. We get coyotes in the city here sometimes, too, and my parents even saw a javelina (wild boar) trotting down the sidewalk in front of the game store once. I have a feeling that they come into the city foraging for food when it's dry... and there's probably also some development to blame, too!

  6. OMG, I had to laugh as my threesome Scottie would be sniffing & whining for days after a raccoon would have the "nerve" to visit their yard! Love the piece you made with that pendant. Awesome!


  7. Dot, I don't think the raccoon has been in our backyard, so the corgis are so far ignorant of his existence, thank goodness!