Saturday, July 18, 2009

Parking lots

Today is the day that Chris and I got kicked out of the mall parking lot, because you're not allowed to practice driving there. Nevermind that we were using a quadrant that isn't near any active stores, that no one else was in it, and that I was driving approximately 5 miles an hour. Apparently I was an insurance risk.

And that is really all I have to say tonight. Tomorrow I'll be taking my dangerous low-speed turns down to an empty UofA parking lot and see if they kick me out, too.


  1. Wow. Parking lots are where I learned how to back up and how to parallel park.

  2. Geez, that's dumb! Maybe try a local park or a college parking lot? Those are the two places my dad taught me to drive.

  3. you're such a delinquent ;]

  4. yeesh, what a grump that guy/gal must have been

  5. Christina, really, when you're not quite ready for the street, an empty parking lot is your only option!

    Meri, we found a nice little lot on campus that we could use, it's for some office that's apparently only open during the weekdays. A campus cop came through and didn't kick us out, so we'll go back there. The park is also an option, during the day when it's hot and no one is there :D

    Mermaiden, it's true, I'm a troublemaker!

    Liv'n, I don't blame the security guard himself. He was very polite about it and pointed out that he'd already had to tell several people the same thing. He was just doing his job. I blame the mall administration!