Monday, July 20, 2009

Good-bye, comfort zone

A lot of people have asked me, over the years, why I didn't drive. There have been various answers, but the big one is that I do not like to leave my comfort zone. At all. Driving seems a very scary and complicated thing -- piloting a large metal object at speeds ranging up to over 75 mph, on roads with other people doing the same thing. The very idea of having to judge whether or not I could pull out into a road in front of someone, or wait for them to pass by, is terrifying. Chris refers to it as intuitive physics, and we all know that I suck at science (if you didn't know before, now you do).

But anyway, it was finally time to get out of my safe little comfort zone and get behind the wheel. And already I'm trying to find new comfort zones and stay in them. Chris's self-appointed job is shoving me out of those comfort zones, like a mother bird flinging her chicks out of the nest. Tonight I wanted to go back to the nice, straight, empty UofA parking lot. He made me go to the curvy Reid Park parking lot, with a few cars parked in it and lots and lots of curbs to avoid, and turns to make. Then I wanted to stay in the little sub-lot with no one in it, and he made me drive in the lot right in front of the dog park, where late-night dog lovers were still in attendance.

Despite my griping, I did fine. I almost hit one curb a couple of times, but otherwise I made good progress on making turns, and quickly got into avoiding speed bumps. Hey, even when you're only going 5 mph, those things are annoying.

Well, that's enough confession and driving talk. Tomorrow it will be back to beads and jewelry!


  1. Good for you for getting out of that "comfort zone." Once you get more familiar with driving, hopefully you'll feel a sense of freedom of being able to go where you want and when you want. Of course, I'm from So Cal and we are a "driving" society so I may be a bit biased LOL!

  2. Good for you...I have been driving forever and still hit curbs/ long as I don't hit a person, it is a good day LOLOLOLOL


  3. Silver, given the fact that it's usually too hot to walk or bike, and our public transportation is shoddy, we're very much a driving society in Tucson, too! And let me tell you, I already have a long list of things I'm going to do when I can drive. No more being stuck at home and bored :)

    Jolene, LOL! I didn't want to go over by the dog park because I was worried that people would come out with their dogs, and Chris kept assuring me that even if I didn't stop, they could dodge out of the way before I would hit them.