Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time to be social

Snowdrop is today's Daily Special. I guess it fits the whole Christmas in July thing, but it would also be so beautiful on a bride!

Monday and yesterday were the two quiet days of my week-without-Chris. Days for reading, cleaning, and vegging. The next three days will be busy and social. Today, my friend Mara is coming over and then our mutual friend Casey will join us for dinner. Tomorrow, Casey is kindly driving me to Tempe for dance class (because he's awesome like that), and Friday I'm going out with my Mom. Of course, I'll still work some reading and cleaning in on those days (in fact, I should be cleaning now), but mostly it will be spending time with awesome people.

Whenever Chris goes out of town, I always make all these grand plans of things I'm going to get done with my free time, and the vast majority of them don't get done. Faced with the choice between a stack of novels and a pile of cleaning supplies, reading is always going to win. Oh well. At least the office is looking much cleaner, even if I don't get around to any of the other chores I had planned to accomplish.


  1. What a beautiful, snowy necklace. Just the thing to look at on this hot (at least where I am) day!

  2. Reading is always more important than cleaning...I agree with that:)


  3. I finished the bookgroup book last night and when our librarian asked anybody who was done to bring theirs in for someone with a hold, I told her I'd be glad to give mine (and I mean my own copy). Boy, not only this was a bad book, but it's eerily like a book published about eight years ago.... Plus, I recommended it (we try to read authors we haven't read before and I already had this book) so I'll get jokey condemnation on Saturday!

  4. Thank you, Silver Parrot! If only the beads were as cool to the touch as they looked -- it would be sooo refreshing! ;)

    Jolene, I've so far managed to balance the reading and the cleaning... sort of. Ok, lots more reading than cleaning!

    Marilee, wow, what book was that bad?

  5. It's Brenda Cooper's The Silver Ship and the Sea. I have a book written earlier in the same universe by her and Larry Niven that I'm going to give away, too. It's not very good writing and both of her books have the "poor children are mistreated by other colonists" bit. Allen Steele's Coyote series has less genemod and is much better written, plus it's the teens helping the older colonists against new colonists, not just one against the other.

  6. Thank you for the warning, I'll be sure to avoid it!