Sunday, July 12, 2009

Have you heard of Gypset?

Today's Daily Special is the Custom Crystal Bracelet. Crystal bracelets go with just about any fashion style, don't you think?

Gypset is a compound word, a combination of gypsy and jet-set. For some people, it's a new fashion trend, and for others it's a way of life.

I learned about it this week when my friend Marilee sent me this article, which talks about the fashion trend. A quick Google search brought me to Gypset, the website/blog of the author of Gypset Style, the book that inspired the article. This blog seems more focused on exploring a nomadic bohemian way of traveling the globe, living a stylishly alternative lifestyle.

If you've hung around my blog for a while, you know I'm not the sort of person to chase after trends, but I'm more than happy when they come to me. Looking through the slideshow in the article, the clothing featured isn't too different from what's been "in" for the past year or so, but the accessories show a definite gypsy and ethnic inspiration. First of all, I do like any style that allows you to just accessorize and update whatever's in your closet. Secondly, I really enjoy a style that meshes well with the tribal jewelry I've been making.

As such, I've tagged a few items in my Etsy shop as "gypset." As of yesterday, they were the only items tagged thusly, which makes me feel like a trend setter. Woohoo! I like the idea of tapping a new market. I'd love if my jewelry went to follow bellydancers, but I won't complain if it ends up adorning young fashionistas instead.

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