Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spending the night out.

Just a quick post. I'm on my way out soon, to spend some time with my family. Then us young folks (that is to say Chris, myself, my brother, and his crazy friends) will go burn stuff in a strictly non-arsonist sort of way. We're the kinder, gentler pyromaniacs!

I'm still mulling over necklace ideas. I think I'll get some good beading time in tomorrow, I don't have too much housework to do. I'll probably also get some more packing done. Everyone knows, though, that beads are the last thing you pack! You never know when you might need them.


  1. Well, I have email from you, so I assume you didn't burn the desert down!

  2. We managed to not burn the desert down. In fact, we didn't burn much of anything because of the wind!