Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sign this, initial that.

This whole house-buying thing has totally taken over my life. I had no idea that there was so much paperwork. I mean, I expected a lot, but we spent 3 hours going over it yesterday and another hour today, and I know there's more yet to come.

The good news is that we put a bid in on the house we liked yesterday, and the seller accepted it! The bad news is that we won't be closing until mid-June, which means I have a couple more months in this apartment, and we'll be moving in some pretty serious heat. But I'm focusing on the positive. We're finally getting a house! Hurray!

Things are actually going very well for us in general, which is a strange feeling. I'm a pessimist by nature (I prefer realist, and my friend Solomon backs me up on this, but Chris says pessimist), and I expect the worst out of almost every situation. When things go this well, I really start to worry -- but I'm trying to actually enjoy this. Buying a house is a very large and exciting step in life, and one that makes me feel like more of a responsible grown-up. I'll be 26 by the time the house closes, and I know a lot of people don't buy until they're 30+, so I feel like I'm a little ahead of the game on this one.

Of course, you might be as bored of hearing about my house buying adventures as I am of signing paperwork, so I'll try not get too caught up in it. I got some nice work done on Locked Away Tuesday night, and I made a cute little pendant to wear to dinner tonight, so I'll try to get some photos and bead chatter up here tomorrow and Saturday.


  1. I bought my first house when I was 25. :P I'm going to nap now. I hurt a lot today and it can't all be chasing and catching Shiva. I'm going to close the windows and turn the AC back on -- it's 81 now.

  2. Hurray for buying houses in your 20s!

    Our nice loan lady at the bank kept saying how impressive our credit and savings were. We've just always been very frugal and practical and lived well within our means, which has allowed us to reach this point. I think we might live a little less frugally for a bit, enjoying the increased salary and prettying up our house.