Monday, April 21, 2008

The beads aren't playing nice!

Last night I sat down to work on Locked Away some more. Well, after how perfectly the first side came together, with such graceful curves for the wing... the second side had to be all "Blargh! I am ugly!" The beads just refused to stitch down nicely, and I kept having to remove them and do it over, and then it would look even worse. In an amount of time that I expected to do 1 1/2-2 rows, I got less than one done, and half of that will have to be ripped out again.

So today I decided that I was about due for a break from Locked Away. After all, I haven't beaded anything else since I started it (other than that 1-hour pendant), and my website was suffering from the lack of new jewelry. Plus I had a nice idea for a rivoli pendant that I could put on a strung necklace. And you know what? The colors that I picked look absolutely gorgeous together. Too bad the bezel is too small.

Someday I'll learn to keep double-checking the bezel size as I work!

I think that tomorrow I'll be able to get the bezel right, but now I'm just feeling frazzled.


  1. Oh, curving symmetry drives me nuts. My right hand does the right side better and the left side worse.

  2. Hmmm... I did the left side first and it turned out fine. So I wonder if maybe if I turned it upside down so the right side was on the left... Maybe then I'd have better luck! Thank you for getting my gears spinning :)