Friday, April 11, 2008

One-Winged Angel -- Locked Away Part 5

Last time, it was a heart. Now it's a one-winged angel with a keyhole for a head. As I was stitching the teal beads down, I noticed that the shape looked like a feathered wing, so I decided to go with it. Now I wish I could add another bead type -- I'd do black, probably matte black even, to really make the wings pop. I don't know how it will look to do the red or the amber. If I'd used Ultrasuede or even normal suede for the base, I'd just leave the area around the wings blank... But I don't think that the felt is attractive enough to be left "naked."

If I was more experienced with this sort of technique, and I hadn't already stitched down the center line of hexes and 8s there, I'd actually cut away the felt around the wings, making it a shaped pendant. Maybe for a future project! As it is, I've come to realize that this is going to be huge by the time I add the fringe, so I'm thinking of cutting the top off closer to the keyhole cab. Maybe I'll go ahead and cut around the top curve of the wing, and maybe attach the necklace there at the "shoulder." I think it might look pretty cool. Hmmm... brainstorming!

The angel with the keyhole head idea makes me think of MirrorMask. I can't remember if anyone in there had a keyhole mask. Gee shucks, I guess I might just have to watch the movie again to see. I know that some people are disturbed by masks, but I personally find them beautiful. Right now I'm enamored of the work of Merimask. I never wear the leather Green (wo)Man mask that I have (it doesn't quite fit my face and gives me a headache), but I'm still tempted to buy one of her masks. Maybe it would fit me better!


  1. That is looking good, AJ. I like your idea about cutting it back around the wings. Don't you just love beading. It can be anything you want it to be.


  2. I think cutting down around the keyhole piece is a good idea, particularly if you're thinking of the bottom as wings!

    I got a blue dragon keyring from Merimask for my nephew. Maybe he'll come with the rest of the family in May so I can give it to him.

  3. Thank you both :) I really think I'm going to cut it away around the top. I've been spending this entire time stumped about what to do with the top anyway!

    I was looking at Merimask's barrettes yesterday and thinking about getting one. I like that she has big ones for people with lots of hair! I'm torn between the dragon and the luna moth. The dragon is quite awesome, but I like moths, too, and it would go with the green shirts I recently bought.

  4. Merimask has a green dragon large barrette. Your link reminded me to go back there and see what's new, and I bought the small luna moth barrette for my niece.

  5. Yeah, I was liking the big green dragon, but I actually don't have hardly any clothing in that shade of green... whereas I have at least half a dozen things that would go with the luna moth. I haven't decided yet!