Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm on Facebook!

Well, actually, I've been on Facebook for a while. But now I have an official business page on Facebook! You can see it right here. For the most part it will probably just have things that you could see here on the website... But I'm sure that in the future I will want to use it for special sales, maybe give-aways and other things, so if you're a Facebook member, you may want to "Fan" me. For that matter, you can go to my profile and "friend" me, too. I won't mind, honest!

I'm still figuring out Facebook. I don't fully understand the whole social networking thing. Most of my time there seems to be spent sending karma back and forth with my friends! And while that's all well and good, there has to be more to it than that. Perhaps having a page for Erthe Fae Designs will add a new dimension to it.


  1. I figure we're already friends so I don't need to join Facebook!

    I noticed your saying you'd sell the choker for $300 -- well, I handed over the boy scout auction items yesterday (with your lovely descriptions) and had an argument with the dad of the family. He wanted to have them priced as they would be if I sold them, but I would sell the donut necklace for $150 and you know nobody at a boy scout auction will pay that much! I want it to sell, not just sit there.

  2. That's my approach to charity auctions as well! If I wanted to be able to donate $100s to BFAC, I'd make other jewelry and sell it on my site, but it might take a while for someone to buy it and it wouldn't have the same challenge as working from the kit.

    Although, I DO have a few things around here that I want to sell for BFAC!

  3. Just a few, huh? I don't work on those until February!

  4. If I was going to make something especially for BFAC, I'd probably do it in the Summer, or for the holidays. But these are some very nice woven necklaces that I took down from my website due to them being based on techniques published in magazines. I decided to avoid the copyright issues by not doing that anymore. I COULD keep them all, but they overlap with things I've already made for myself ;)