Monday, April 28, 2008

Another night out.

To sum up: Thai food is delicious. Forbidden Kingdom is better than I thought it would be. The choker I'm working on is coming along quite well, and should be finished tomorrow. Chris is awesome. I would rather be reading than blogging right now.

More tomorrow :)


  1. I'm thinking of Thai tomorrow. Rick & some subset of his family will probably come up next month and take me to lunch, and I got two coupons for places I thought I'd check (so he could use the coupon).

    I checked the first one last week because the coupon had kids meals and "family fun," etc., but when I got there, it was like I always thought it was -- loud and boozy. The bar was full at 2pm, and everybody in the restaurant but me was drinking liquor. The young waiter and I had an interesting conversation about music and the steak & cheese was good, but Rick wouldn't want to go there (half the restaurant space is a band/dance floor with lights and disco ball!).

    The other coupon is from a new Thai place (took the place of a new Indian place...) and I have to go that direction to get gas tomorrow so I think I'll try that.

  2. Sheesh, either be a fun family restaurant or a loud bar. Don't try to be both, because then no one is happy!

    I hope the Thai place is better.

  3. The Thai place was great! I had Duck Red Curry and it was really good. They've spiffed up the place, too, although it looks like it's supposed to be for hipper people than me. I suppose they'll take my money in the afternoons.

  4. That's funny! One of the things that we got was duck in a red curry sauce! We also had Pad Thai (because I'd never had it at a restaurant) and pineapple fried rice, which is one of my favorite dishes. Plus chicken Satay sticks as an appetizer, because Chris and Alex both really love peanut sauce.